Dr. Blankenstein - Drew Blanke - NYC Circuit Bender and Synth DesignerDrew Blanke’s (aka Dr. Blankenstein) audio career started rather early in life, playing for various bands in the East Village and local NYC clubs and bars as a teen.

While this was developing, so was his love for computer / circuit engineering, as well as video production / graphic and web design. Being an early Commodore64 BASIC programmer, BBS owner, and circuit kit builder (HeathKits) certainly helped fuel these passions.
Drew Blanke and Trey Anastasio of Phish receiving ILLUMIRINGER FX PEDAL
Later he would go to audio school for Audio Engineering / Jazz Composition. This was the gateway to a long career in electronic music performance / production and event promotion. He performed live around the country playing and promoting for 3 major NYC production companies.

As Dr. Blankenstein moved into his late 20's these seemingly varied skills culminated into him starting what would become a well-known NYC media design / marketing company. It focused mainly on viral video production, commercial music production, search engine optimization, and technologically driven media projects. Clients included Donald Trump, Sylvia Browne, George Foreman, N.Y.U., as well as many other well respected and progressive companies.

Drew Blanke and Les Claypool of Primus at MoogFest 2012Blanke has since sold the marketing company to focus completely on circuit creation / manipulation. From within his Manhattan laboratory, he now owns and operates his boutique audio synthesizer and instrument effects company… Dr. Blankenstein. Just recently, he presented his "Man Machine Synth" to electronic music legends Kraftwerk at the Museum of Modern Art. This was done with the help of Volkswagen and was later mentioned in the Rolling Stone. HeDr Blankenstein and Squarepusher receiving the Sonic Crusher bit crusher FX unit at MoogFest 2012 presented Trey Anastasio (Phish) with the pedal version of his now well-known Illumiringer effect, as well as giving Tom Jenkinson (Squarepusher) a sonic crushing gift at MoogFest 2012 where he was featured in the Google / Moog Mini Circuit Bending Documentary: BENT.  With well-known clients as varied as Sean Lennon to Mushroomhead, he has sold countless custom pieces and instrument modification kits to musicians and collectors from around the world. Drew has given lectures at, as well as participated in the grand reopening of the Queens Museum of Art. Blanke also serves as a guest artist and technology educator at the New York Hall of Science, the location of MAKE Magazine’s annual World Maker Faire… in which he also participates.

Drew Blanke is by all definitions a modern day mad scientist, artist and inventor who amazes fans… and leaves them wondering what he will do next. There is no doubt Dr. Blankenstein has made a name for himself, and will continue to break new ground in the world of circuitry and device manipulation for a long time to come. Stay up to date with Dr. Blankenstein by checking back to this site regularly, subscribing to the YouTube channel and following on Twitter.