The "Man Machine Synth" Story: 

On April 11, 2012 I posted THIS VIDEO on YouTube with this following message in the video info area: 

This is a demo of "The Man Machine" Synth I built with the hopes of finding a way to give it to the band at the April 13th show at the Museum of modern art. As I explain in the video... I am not really sure how I will accomplish it. lol

That being said, enjoy the video! If you know of any way or person I might contact to help me get it to them, I would be so ever grateful! I'd be happy to build you a custom synth or effect pedal ;)

Wish me luck! And make sure to subscribe and leave comments.

~Dr. Blankenstein


Here is the amazing story that followed...        

So, It was a total success! I was responded to by both VW and MoMA about handing the synth off to Ralf Hütter and Kraftwerk! They had both gotten my emails and watched the video. I received a call from a VW representative asking if I would like to be picked up by VW car and interviewed on camera. As I was to understand it, the video is part of a larger collection of video they took over the 8 night run of various fans reactions to the events, as well as some special stories such as mine thrown in. I of course agreed :)

I was picked up the next day and interviewed in the car as we drove off to the MoMA to see "The Man Machine'. What a thrill! The show was of course amazing. Jude Law played around with the synth for a bit before the show started, and thought it was VERY COOL. Said "who wouldn't want a man machine synth!" hahaa Really cool guy. As I walked away from him I bump into        Crispin Glover and gave him a classic "hey! McFly!" He smiled, his girlfriend gave me a dirty look. :)

Nothing really came of the synth hand off at "The Man Machine" show, but I was told by VW they would keep trying and even hook me up with tickets to another show. True to their word I got an email the next day saying I was on the guest list for "Techno Pop" and they had spoken to Ralf and he was excited to receive to synth. I LOVE TECHNO POP btw, who wouldn't want to see a 65 year old Ralf sing "Sex Object"! |

This time I am asked to go through the guest entrance to check in. The guest area is loaded with friends and family of Kraftwerk and I am met by a very pretty and excited to meet me VW rep. "We all saw your video, that thing is SO cool" she said with a smile. She is the one who is to give the synth to Ralf, she tells me to leave it in coat check for the show and she will hand it off after.

The show is AMAZING of course and I quickly return to coat check to meet her. I had also written a thank you note to the band for their inspiration as well as coming to NYC for these epic shows, it was nicely framed. She took both of them and was about to walk it off backstage when, Mike Rubin of the Rolling Stone started asking me questions about the piece. He took a few pictures and said he would try to include it somewhere in the piece if he could. (Rolling Stone Blog including the Synth) This was also VERY exciting!

The pretty VW rep took the synth from me, but not before Mike snapped a few more photos for the magazine (possibly ). She then walked the synth triumphantly backstage to Kraftwerk. I WIN!

Later as I walked out my driver from the first night offered me a ride back home in the VW car, I see the rep from VW who brought the synth backstage... she's give me a HUGE smiles and a double thumbs up and I'm on my way home.

I in a million years could not have hoped for my Kraftwerk weekend to go ANY BETTER! I would like to thank YouTube, VW, MoMA, The Rolling Stone and of course Ralf and Kraftwerk for making it all possible for me. I am one very happy and lucky Robot! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Music NON STOP!