"THE BOOM-A-RING (The Electronic Didgeridoo of The Future)"
DATE CREATED: December, 2016
 It's an electronic didgeridoo with the illumiringer effect built into it. There is only one in the world, some will say that's a good time... some might not. :) You can expect nothing less from a one of a kind prototype.  The video is longer than I would have liked it to be, but I had a lot of ground to cover.  Feel free to skip to the middle when the real demo action starts.  Enjoy!

DATE CREATED: December, 2015
 The 3RD YEAR ANNIVERSARY of my version of the ATARI PUNK CONSOLE! Since uploading that video I have sold HUNDREDS of units to countless talented musicians and art collectors from all over the globe. This video is a kinda thank you to all those people, giving you a FAST GLIMPSE of all the work that went into your little video game sounding drone synth. When people say "hand made synth"... they usually don't get much more hand made than what you see here. I am excited to share that experience with all of you. I really do hope you enjoy.


DATE CREATED: October, 2014
  A stereo R.C.A. version of the Illumiringer effect. This way it could easily be used with turntables or a sampler (two things Adam Horovitz is no stranger to). I like the idea of the effect being stereo, this will allow Adam to turn on one channel (left or right) of the effect or both. That way the end result of a beat / record would be a combination of both, giving the final sound some really cool texture.  Adam was excited to receive it, the video includes picture of the hand off.



DATE CREATED: April, 2013
DESCRIPTION:  We are excited to finally be showing this BEAST off to the world!  What we have here is a 10 Step Sequencer of sorts.  The reason for the "sorts" is there is no external or internal sync... this unit was designed for stand alone use.  There is another completely different sequencer in the works as well... designed to play nice with other control voltage gear, but for now we generate SPACE LINES! The Endeavour is equipped with three independent control sections, SPEED, PITCH and FILTER.  Each control section can be controlled via Knob, Light Sensor or Touch Points!  What we are left with at the end.. is a machine that will ALWAYS create new and exciting sounds...  not something you can get board of playing with very quickly (that's for darn sure).  It's a sample artists or live experimental music performers dream come true.  Check out the video below for a full on demonstration / explanation.  Make sure to Subscribe (link is at the bottom of this page) to the Dr. Blankenstein channel to see all the new prototypes. 


DATE CREATED: February, 2013
DESCRIPTION:  Well folks, after almost a years worth of experimenting.... the moment we have all waited for has arrived! The first real demo of the ILLUMIRINGER concept pedal in action! As I am sure you have noticed by now, it's LONG! Please understand this has been a lot of work to get this pedal to where it is.. it's EXTREMELY VERSATILE.. and there is a lot to show. Also, once you get going on a Star Wars theme... it's hard to just leave it at that ;)

DATE CREATED: December, 2012
DESCRIPTION:  This synth / fx processor starts out rather simple with 3 animal noises (elephant call, monkey screams, and lion growl) you can play from the sound bank. Each sound is looped and can easily be played from the red momentary switches. The sounds can then be pitch shifted by using the control knob in the "Pitch Kontrol" section. Located next to the pitch knob is TWO body contacts, touch the first one and add a low frequency oscillation to the sound.... touch both and also control the pitch! Next we have the "JAH EFFECTS" section, turn it on and suddenly an entirely new sonic palette is opened up for the sound banks samples. The effects filter can be controlled by clicking the control switch to "TURN" and using either the knob or set of body contacts to change the amount and pitch of the filter. Click the control switch to "WAVE" and you activate the motion / light sensor! You can then use your hand or a light source to change the fx filters depth / pitch.  For a added bonus there are even 1/4" and 1/8" inputs to run other instruments through the effects section.

NAME: "ATARI PUNK CONSOLE V2.0 - The APC 2600"  (limited edition)
DESCRIPTION:  Atari Punk Console Deluxe v2.0... Pretty much a super Atari stylized APC with a TON of tricked out features. There are two photo Theremin style motion / light sensors to control the sound, as well as a control switches to use a classic APC knob setup. Each light sensor can be turned on and off independently. To add even more weird control to this sucker I have added SIX BODY contacts that allow for some pretty cool sound manipulation (see video below). Two of the body contacts are running through a specially designed Germanium Diode circuit that you will ONLY find on Dr. Blankenstein's APC Deluxe V2.0.

DATE CREATED: December, 2012
DESCRIPTION:  This is a new one from the Dr. Blankenstein lab. The "Giger Stomper" dual oscillator analog synth sports two separate volume controls for each of the tones, pitch control for each oscillator, TWO motion / light control pitch sensors, static on / off power switch, momentary on / off switch... a special sound twisting capacitor circuit and of course epic H.R. Giger inspired graphics. (oh yeah, don't forget the grill and headlights! ;)


"Sonic Crusher" given to Squarepusher (Tom Jenkinson) @ Moogfest 2012   (DB112)
DATE CREATED: October 24, 2012
DESCRIPTION:  This piece was specifically designed for drums and bass master / bass guitar god Squarepusher (Tom Jenkinson).  My plan (which proved successful) was to build an effects processor that both looked and sounded like his music and give it to him at Moogfest 2012.  I met up with Tom backstage just before his MIND BLOWING set and handed this sucker off to him.  Not before snapping this picture and asking him to kindly send me an email with some feedback when he had a free moment... he agreed.  All and all it was a complete and total success! 
It was a pleasure and an honor to both build and give this piece to a man who has been such a positive creative influence to me for almost 15 years now.  Tom, if you are reading this... hope you are enjoying the Sonic Crusher, thanks again...  don't forget to write brother ;)  (I wasn't kidding about the epic NYC pizza)

"Modified Fender Stratocaster Guitar" With 6 STRINGS! ;)  
DATE CREATED: October, 2012
DESCRIPTION:  Another demo of the modified Fender Strat, this time with six strings, and some delay added.  There are more videos of this going up VERY SOON, and a KIT COMING OUT by the middle of NOVEMBER 2012.  Stay tuned for more info...


"Hal 9000 2001 A Space Odyssey" Circuit Bent Drone Synthesizer (DB-NA)  
DATE CREATED: November 2012
DESCRIPTION:  Case is hand framed in wood, top and button layered in plexi-glass, covered in a "movie set perfect" design of Hal 9000's eye, 1/8" mono output jack, momentary on / off stutter switch, pitch adjust knob, and two hidden touch points which can be used to distort and change the pitch of the sample. Hal's eye flickers and strobes to the changes in the sound.

""Zen Portal" Circuit Bent Disney Baby Einstein Baby Toy (DB119)  
DATE CREATED: December 2012
DESCRIPTION:  This little baby toy plays some really cool aquatic sounds... but it's ALL ABOUT the tranquil soothing music setting! I have added two knobs to control the pitch which are wired in series. This allows for really low / high pitch tweaking. There are also 4 touch points which will either add a warble to the sound, change the pitch or return it to it's natural pitch. It can be played from it's internal speaker or from the added 1/4" mono input jack. The graphics on the back final by the fun house mirror were custom designed and added by me. There are also some custom graphics on the back where it used to say "Disney Baby Einstein". This is a numbered... one of a kind piece. :)

"Modified Fender Stratocaster Guitar" First Ever Demo!
DATE CREATED: October, 2012
DESCRIPTION:  This video features a modified Fender Strat in it's (I'm too excited to string it) single guitar string demo!  Actually that is a good thing to keep in mind while watching it, notice how many octaves I am able to get out of it...   the string in the video is a high E string...   strung at where the D string should go (ahhh who cares, this is a rock n' roll test after all).  It has the ILLUMIRINGER Motion Controlled Ring Modulator built directly into the guitar under the pick guard!  I will be putting up more videos of this mod, including one with delay and distortion...  as well as six strings. :)

"The GoogaMooga" (DB111)
DATE CREATED: September, 2012
DESCRIPTION: Top 3 in this years Moog Circuit Bender Challenge!  This years challenge was to build a sampler from another device that had been circuit bent, then to sample sounds from the wildly popular Bob Moog 78th birthday (MiniMoog style) Google Doodle. This process was to be video taped, uploaded to YouTube and emailed to Moog for review.

"The Man Machine Synthesizer" (DB104)
DATE CREATED: April, 2012
DESCRIPTION: This is the piece that was created for German electronic music legends KRAFTWERK.  It was given to Ralf Hutter of Kraftwerk at their 8 show RETROSPECTIVE in NYC this April.  The show was at New York City's Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) on Dr. Blankenstein's behalf by representative of Volkswagen. The entire epic story was later mentioned by writer / reporter Mike Ruben in Rolling Stone magazine.  Read more about this wonderful Kraftwerk adventure HERE


"The James Brown Keytar Synth" (DB106)
DATE CREATED: August, 2012
DESCRIPTION: This is the circuit bent "James Brown Keytar Synth".. ok, well the synth isn't really a keytar.. BUT it has a picture of James Brown and his MOOG Liberation Synth (now Page McConnell's from Phish) on it! It's really a circuit bent greeting card.

This piece sports two body contacts, pitch control, warp button and a mono output... this thing is weird, fun and actually pretty versatile with it's limited'ness. ;)


NAME: "THERE-MAN - Optical Theremin" (DB107)
DATE CREATED: July, 2012
DESCRIPTION: This piece was built just before the Illumiringer using a similar style Dr. Blankenstein "Light Tube" design.  The main oscillator comes from an original 555 chip design, which is combined with a ring modulator circuit (same circuit used on the Illumiringer pedal). Together mixed with excited and original control features such as; extra large momentary on/off switch, steady on/off switch, 2 sets of body conductive circuit contacts, volume control, ring modulator on/off switch, and a Control Voltage (CV) input which can be used with a sequencer...  and of course the light sensitive Dr. Blankenstein "Light Tube" controller. 

This will most likely become's first publicly sold kit. Please stay tuned for more kit details, and updated version demo videos and information.



NAME: "Atari Punk Console (APC) / Module DELUXE V1.5" (DB108)
DESCRIPTION: Leons getting larger! ;) 



"Atari Punk Console (APC) / Module DELUXE V1.0" (DB103)
DATE CREATED: March, 2012
DESCRIPTION: Where it all began....   



"Illumiringer V1.0" (DB109)
DATE CREATED: August 14, 2012
DESCRIPTION: Our world's first MOTION CONTROLLED RING MODULATOR guitar effects pedal.  This new invention from Dr. Blankenstein allows the user to control it's eerie alien sounds by moving objects in the 2 foot sensor area. Read more...

You can see this piece and many other at my booth at this years WORLD MAKER FAIRE at the New York Hall of Science September 29th and 30th.  This is an event you do NOT WANT TO MISS!



Early Illumiringer Breadboard Design (DB N/A)
DATE CREATED: April, 2012
DESCRIPTION:  Below is a short video demonstration of the "Illumiringer" in it's earliest breadboard circuit form.  It's a cool little video that shows the continuing progression of the Illumiringer as it's develops, grows and changes.



Early Illumiringer Breadboard Design plus Distortion Circuit (DB N/A)
DATE CREATED: April, 2012
DESCRIPTION:  This is a very quick cell phone video taken by a friend who just could NOT WAIT to see the ILLUMIRINGER in action. What is interesting about it, this version of the circuit included the distortion option with will be featured on the next V1.5 version of the pedal.
Check out how sensitive the pickups become when it's engaged, it turned the body of the guitar into a really space age meets Jimi Hendrix kinda percussion instrument.  Just a little taste of what is to come with future version of the ILLUMIRINGER!



NAME: "Britney Spears - The Circuit Bent AM / FM Vintage Radio" (DB N/A)
DESCRIPTION:  This piece has almost nothing to do with pop legend Britney Spears.  It's name come purely from the fact that when building it a "born on" date (meaning the date it was completed, inspected and left the assembly line) on the inside.  The date it read was 12/02/1981 (it's wrong in the video below lol), of course it was looked up immediately on  You guessed it (maybe), it's Britney Spears's birthday! 

But enough about it's name, this is a 1981 Sanyo RP 5115 FM/AM Solid State radio.  Just by itself it is a great find, but this one has been modded with a Light Dependant Resistor (LDR)!  Just click the added switch on the side and the volume control knobs turns into a pitch control for the Theremin style control sensor.  This sensor creates a sort of distorted lowpass filter effect in some light and distance, and Theremin oscillator kind of sound / control in other light.  Check out the video below for a quick demo... it's not that innocent.